Our partnership with SolarAid has raised over £9,000 and provided over 13,000 people with clean and affordable energy in Africa over the past two years.

SolarAid work in the hardest to reach areas of Africa where infrastructure is poor and poverty is rife. The organisation empowers the people of these communities with the choice to buy an affordable solar light. Without this support children can’t study, the working day ends prematurely and indoor air pollution from homemade kerosene lamps present a serious health hazard. This is true for 600 million in Africa.

Solar lamps give off hours of light in the evening so families can earn, learn and feel safe after dark. Just one lamp can transform the fortunes of an entire family. The lights we have funded have:

● Saved families a staggering £447,300 to spend on food, schooling and their livelihoods.
● Provided over 3 million extra study hours for children.
● Helped 6,330 people experience better health because they are no longer breathing in the toxic fumes of a kerosene lamp.
● Averted 2,891 tonnes of carbon dioxide, having a cumulative impact on mitigating climate change.

We’ll be partnering with SolarAid again this May. Sign up, look out for our monthly email or join us for The Be One Percent Big Pub Quiz on the 12th to find out more.

SolarAid May Blog