As we see the little people in our lives off to school for a new year, we will be working with a new partner on a really exciting project which will bring books to children who would otherwise have no access to education. Glad’s House are a small charity operating in Mombasa, Kenya. Since 2006 they have been working with children who are deemed ‘too challenging’ by the rest of society. Their team of social workers, various sports programmes, apprenticeships, drop-in centre and education facilities help young people up to the age of 27 to build a future away from the streets.

One of the places they have a presence is in Mombasa’s Juvenile Remand Homes. Homelessness is considered a crime in the city and young people who are found on the streets are placed in a Juvenile Remand Home along with other kids with low-level behavioral issues such as school truanting. There are no education facilities within the home and although children are supposed to only serve 3 months, many end up staying a year. Glad’s house are challenging this policy but whilst this work is underway they would like to limit the negative impact it has on children.


Our 1% in September will fully fund a library within a home which will serve approximately 545 children a year. Glad’s House will paint an existing room, fit shelves, bring in furniture and stock the library with fiction, non fiction and school text books. They will also employ a youth worker who will be on site to encourage the children to make the most out of the space and help them with other issues they may have.


We’ll be posting updates as the work is complete so stay tuned for more details towards the end of the year.