We are a collective of individuals who give 1% of our income each month to help the world’s poorest people.

Be One Percent was set up in Liverpool in March 2011 with a simple idea: a few people commit to giving 1% of their income to help eradicate poverty.  That month, 8 people raised £166 for malaria treatments for 332 people.  We figured that if we could achieve that much in a single month, with 8 people giving 1%, imagine what we could do if 100 or 1000 people gave proportionally and gave together?  We realised that lives would be changed and lives would be saved.  With no better motivation than that, we’ve been building our giving network ever since.

We’ve helped supply clean water for whole villages, planted entire forests, fed millions of children, funded health treatments for 10,000’s people and provided nets to protect thousands of families against malaria.

It’s simple really.  We all commit to giving 1% of our monthly income; and then each month we partner this money with the most efficient and effective charities we can find. Our monthly emails explain how much the network has raised and how that money has been used. Generous business donors fund day-to-day running costs meaning we can use 100% of our member’s individual donations to eradicate poverty from the ground up.

In real terms 1% isn’t much for those living in the ‘developed world’, but 1% is transformational for those in the world’s poorest communities.