We are a group of people who give 1% of our income each month to help the world’s poorest people.


We started…

Liverpool, March 2011: Two friends; two glasses of wine. One idea: One Percent.

April 2011: 8 people gave enough money to provide malaria treatment for 332 people.

We continued…

We realised that if we continued and increased the giving, lives would be changed and lives would be saved.  With no better motivation than that, we’ve been building our giving network ever since.

Since then we have helped supply clean water to whole villages, planted entire forests, fed millions of children, funded health treatments for 10,000’s people and provided nets to protect thousands of families against malaria. See more on our progress page.

Lives continue to be changed, saved and improved.

Join the giving revolution and let your 1% help continue the story!


What’s different about us?

  • We are supported by our Be One Percent businesses which means 100% of member donations are given to help those with most need
  • We give to a different charity every month, meaning the money benefits different communities in many different countries
  • We are committed to identifying charities that make our money go the furthest
  • Every month via email, members find out what their money is doing and who it will benefit