Q: Which charities does 1% support?

A: High impact charities working to alleviate poverty

We support charities working in key areas within Poverty Alleviation such as: Water and Sanitation, Food and Nutrition, Health and Vaccination, Education and Microfinance. We strive to find the most efficient and effective partner charities. You may already know some of the charities, others you may not.

Q: Why don’t I just give my money direct to the charities?

A: Being a member of 1% encourages a collective culture of giving

Our aim is to foster a culture of giving amongst our members, ultimately bringing about a movement that has a high impact on the alleviation of poverty. Giving as a network allows our money to be ring-fenced for specific projects so that you get concrete feedback about how your money has been spent. Giving this way also means that your donations get used for a whole range of different projects; and you get insight into the work of a diverse range of charitable organisations.

Q: Is Be One Percent a charity?

A: Be One Percent is a charity registered in England and Wales (No.1147505)

In May 2011, Be One Percent became a Charitable Trust and it was registered with the Charity Commission in 2012.

Q: How can I become more actively involved in Be One Percent?

A: Sign up and spread the 1% word

The easiest way to be involved is to sign up and donate. If you are already a 1% Member we would encourage you to talk about this involvement with your friends and colleagues face-to-face and online. You can follow us on facebook and twitter and you could also forward our monthly emails to your friends.

If you’d like to also give your time please contact us

Q: How do you raise costs to cover your core admin/marketing/events programme costs etc?

A: Be One Percent Businesses

Generous business donors fund day-to-day running costs meaning we can use 100% of our member’s individual donations to eradicate poverty from the ground up. Find out how you can become a BE1% Business

Q: Can I add Gift Aid and benefit from tax relief by giving through Be One Percent?

A: Yes

If you are a UK taxpayer we would encourage you to opt into Gift Aid as this maximises the impact of your donation, and if you are a higher rate taxpayer, some of your tax is offset against your total Gift Aid contributions each year. You would need to speak to your tax office, but it’s a straightforward process

Q: What happens to my Gift Aid?

A: Your Gift Aid does good by supporting our development

For the years 2018-2019 / 2019-2020 we will invest 50% of any Gift Aid we receive towards funding our core costs as we continue to grow our network and increase the reach of the projects we support and 50% will go into our monthly pot to help the world’s poorest communities.

Q: Will Be One Percent come and talk at my work / place of education / club?

A: Yes. We’d love to meet you

Send us your details and we’ll do our best to set up a meeting.