In January of this year, we raised enough to fund a street sport and education programme for 18 months with our partner Glad’s House who work with homeless children in Mombassa, Kenya.

Salim Ravino is one of Glad’s House team, facilitating their work on the streets with under 16s. Here he tells us a little bit about why his role is so important.

“The majority of society discriminate against street children, but I get to see the passion, fun and love they have. They give me a chance to learn new things daily on the streets and also create a positive change in their lives.

The best thing about working with them on the streets, is that the streets are their home, and being with them there gives me the opportunity to be with them as they really are.

We have different programmes on the streets. Working with them through Street Education and Street Soccer makes a very big difference to them. Having these activities creates a positive impact on their lives as they are able to access vital rights whilst still on the streets. Street Educations means we can realise their right to development and participations. Also, adults being with them means we are able to protect them and support them to survive.

My favourite part on the street is ensuring children are able to engage in our activities in spite of the challenges they face such as substance misuse. Because of this, we are able to support them no matter where they are and begin to develop a future plan together with them.”

One of the children Salim sees every day is David. David is 8 years old and was born on the streets. David visits the street programmes every day. The Glad’s House Girls Team is helping his mum to access employment, teaching her budgeting and giving her mental health support so she can build a life away from the streets for her family.

“David is a bright and funny boy. Despite the challenges he faces, he attends our sessions daily and has developed a strong relationship with all of Glad’s House Street Workers. We are working with him through Street Soccer to enhance his bonding with peers and family and also to ensure he can play safely. Through Street Education we are preparing him to join formal education.

On behalf of the whole Outreach Team, I would like to acknowledge Be One Percent as most amazing and wonderful people for working with us to make a positive change for the street children in Mombasa and for that we say a BIG thank you, a BIIIIIG thank you!”