Solar Aid’s mission is to light up Africa with solar technology. Using a social enterprise model lamps and trasportation etc are subsidised by donation (just £3/lamp) and then sold at an affordable price to rural communities. This model allows affordable purchase of solar technology and eliminates communities reliance on kerosene lamps.

Kerosene is both expensive and hazadouse, costing families upto 15% of household income and producing toxic fumes. Solar is clean, safe and cost effective. Subsidised lamps save families money, improve health, makes homes safer and helps their children study at night.

Each solar light shining also means one less kerosene lamp, saving around 200kg of carbon dioxide per year.

In 2014 we funded 1,450 solar lamps with Solar Aid. The collective impact of distributed lamps have allowed 1,750,000 hours of extra study for children, saved families £185,000 in energy costs and helped 5,150 people experience better health.

This September we hope to more than double this impact by funding a further 1,500 lamps. Solar Aid have now distributed over 1.7 million lamps like these and we are part of this solar revolution.


At just £3/lamp the average 1%Member will donate lamps to 8 homes this september.

How many lives could your 1% change?

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