Be One Percent businesses cover all of our in-house costs so that we can uphold our promise to our members: 100% of their donations go to projects on the ground.

Since 2011 we have raised over £400K and invested 100% of that into some of the world’s most respected charities, changing hundreds of thousands of lives. We couldn’t have done it without the contribution of our businesses.


Your business

Could you join the network of Be One Percent Businesses helping us put an end to extreme poverty?

There are many different ways to contribute, and we’re open to your ideas too. Here’s a start…

  • Donate as little as £100 each month into our core funds
  • Give 1% of your net profit monthly or annually to help us continue our 100% promise
  • Set up Payroll giving for your employees to contribute to our monthly projects (maybe even match fund their giving!)
  • Put on an event to raise money and awareness within your network


What’s in it for you?

  • Increase your network: you’ll be invited to our business network events throughout the year
  • Have your logo on our website and increase your public profile
  • Partner with reputable charities who are revolutionising giving
  • Increase employee satisfaction month by month when we share our email updates with your team


Let’s make it happen together

Whether it’s time or ideas you’re short of, or if you’d like help setting up Payroll giving for your businesses, we’re here to help.

We can:

  • Chat to you about how your business can get involved (coffee on us if you’re in Liverpool!)
  • Talk you through the Payroll giving process and how to set it up
  • Deliver a Be One Percent ‘Lunch and Learn’ event for you and your colleagues


“In the confusing world of charitable giving, Be One Percent do the hard work of identifying where our contributions will deliver the best benefit on our behalf. It’s great to give regularly as we can see the impact we’re having for so many communities over time – the monthly updates are really inspiring! It’s a privilege to be part of it.”

– Mark from Be One Percent business, TenThirtyFive


Welcome to the giving revolution!