6,984 lives changed by Micro-finance

This February we are partnering with Deki, a charity that empowers people living in poverty to change the course of their lives by providing access to ethical microloans and training. We’ve been supporting Deki since 2013. Our first ever loan was for £90 to Daouda Oseni in Lome, Togo, who wished to increase his shoe […]

Imagine If…

… you could change the world with just 1% of your income? We believe that if enough of us get together and donate each month, we can do just that. In 2017 218 people raised £60K and changed the lives of 10,000’s of people. In 2018 we want to go even further as continue to […]

Putting an end to AIDS on 2 wheels

mothers2mothers trains and employs local HIV-positive women as frontline healthcare workers providing education and peer support on HIV and critical health issues. These ‘Mentor Mothers’, who might otherwise be marginalised, become empowered economically and valued socially.  Having an intimate understanding of the challenges of living with HIV makes them uniquely qualified and highly effective. The Mentor Mother […]

Google Giving Week

We are thrilled to announce that our friends at Google are helping us in our mission to end poverty by including Be One Percent in their annual Giving Week. From 27th November until the 1st December, the Google.org team will take part in Giving Week, where Googlers across the company inspire their peers to donate […]

Helping to end poverty through Christmas Shopping

We know you are sick of ‘Black Friday’ and ‘Cyber Monday’, but we couldn’t miss the opportunity to remind you that by shopping through easyfundraising you can be earning money for Be One Percent projects at no extra cost to you. There’s no catch, simply sign up for free and we’ll receive a donation every time you shop at one […]

Well well well

This November we are partnering with charity: water to bring clean water to 300 people in Ethiopia. In 2016 we funded a water project for a village in the Northern region and this year our 1% will pay for another two. Two communities in Tigray will receive a Rehabilitated drilled well, reaching deep into the ground to provide clean […]

Happy Friday

This month we are fundraising to provide a safe space for the homeless children of Kenya to go every single Friday for a year. ‘Papasa’ the drop-in centre run by our partner Glad’s House, offers respite from the challenges of living on the streets. The centre is open 2-3 days a week and set in […]

See where your giving is going

Our newest charity partner show us how innovative engineering and a simple supply chain can produce a self-sustaining social business concept. One Dollar Glasses are committed to help end poverty by getting prescription glasses to some of the 150 million people who need them worldwide. The brainchild of ex teacher Martin Aufmuth from Erlangen in Germany, […]

Why Mata Matters

The Man United and Spanish footballer, Juan Mata, has pledged 1% to social projects, with the ultimate goal that 1% of everything football generates could go to a central fund to change tens of thousands of lives. This idea is not new to us here at Be One Percent, because we’ve being doing exactly that […]

Improving Food Security & Livelihoods in Bangladesh

This July we’re partnering with United Purpose to help improve food security for 20,000 smallholder farmers and their communities in Khulna and Bagerhat. Located in the south western coastal belt of Bangladesh, these districts suffer storms and cyclones and face waterlogging due to rising sea levels and poor irrigation. Our 1% will train 100 micro-entrepreneurs, […]