Not just any Gig – Bringing the tour home for 1%

This coming thursday there is a very special Paul Weller Gig happening in my home town of Liverpool. It’s a special gig for me because it’s where two of my worlds meet. In aid of Be One Percent Foundation the money raised will be used for projects fighting poverty for some of the worlds poorest […]

127 giving 1% set to donate over £50,000 in the next year

Its been 3 months since our second birthday (where did the summer go?) and our most recent member count brings us to 127 regular 1%Givers. In the last six months we have given 1% for bee hives, clean water for 3 communities, 1,755 malaria nets, school meals in 4 schools for a year, drip irrigation kits and water storage for 10 […]

96 Members and counting. Small group. Big Impact.

The dust has settled a little for me now. We got back from our first field trip to Malawi 2 weeks ago. Though I didtn’t know what to expect, it was everything you might hear from someone going on a trip like that. Life changing, perspective changing, shocking, inspiring, thought provoking. Emotional, upsetting, exciting and […]

Changing the way we count our members

This year Be One Percent is changing the way we count our 1%Members. To date we have counted anyone who has given to Be One Percent  campaigns over a 12 month period. After discussion and agreement at the last trustee meeting we felt for transparency and simplicity it would be clearer to only include those as […]

Water Pumps for 7 Villages in Zambia

Another month of fundraising and we have hit our 100th Be One Percent donor. With additional contributions from The Mando Foundation we raised a staggering £3,245.11 last month. This is again beyond our target and will buy seven water pumps for Village Water projects. As part of their work this will bring safe and sustainable […]

September 2012 – Bringing safe and sustainable water to 1,190 people

Our chosen partner this month is Village Water, which provides hygiene education and sustainable water for rural villages in western Zambia. Diarrhoea is one of the leading causes of infant mortality in poor countries and a major contributor to malnutrition, throughout the life span. The safe disposal of human excreta, coupled with basic hygiene practices, […]

Raised enough to set up 4 seed banks reaching hundreds of farmers

In August the 1% Network raised £2,904.00 for Self Help Africa. This money will be used to set up four seed multiplication projects and change the lives of hundreds of farmers, their families and wider communities. For further information watch this a short video on the value of seed multiplication. Once again, it’s incredible that […]

Raised enough to feed 635 children across 3 schools for a whole year

It’s been another target breaking month for us all. Our 1% Network raised £2,967.25 and a fundraising event donated a further £1479.11 to the pot. Incredible. This is enough pay for feeding programs for 635 children across 3 schools in Malawi. At around 4p per meal per child that’s a staggering 122,597 school lunches. In […]

Setting Up 4 Seed Multiplication Projects

Increasing agricultural production is the key to economic growth in much of Africa, and the availability of seed is vital if farmers are to grow the food they need to survive, and also earn more from their produce. In many African countries, under 10% of all seed is accessed by farmers from state-run agricultural support […]

Expanding our feeding program and reaching 100 1% Members

This month Be One Percent will be expanding its feeding sponsorship with Mary’s Meals! Because 1%s Membership has grown (and our fundraising is nearly 3 time what it was back in October last year) we will now be looking to expand our support of feeding programs to 2 further schools in the same district. This […]