Malaria kills more than 1 million people each year, over half a billion become sick, yet Malaria is preventable.  70% of these deaths are children under 5 (thats nearly 2,000 children dying from Malaria each and every day)

Prevention is better than treatment and LLINs (Long Life Insecticide Nets) are considered to be the most effective method of preventing Malaria. It costs just £2.50 to buy an LLIN and its estimated for every 50-250 nets bought a human life will be saved.

In April our network of 1% Givers raised enough to buy 2,557 malaria nets!

Malaria nets are guaranteed for distribution through The Against Malaria Foundation (AMF). 100% of our donation will buy nets. Since our support of AMF began, we have funded nets to protect 17,000 people against malaria, helping to save lives and prevent illness.