The £4,896.84 our members have donated in August will give 3,424 women and their babies a far better chance of a safe birth and a healthy start in life.

Over-dependence on traditional birth attendants in Ghana means that many families overlook the free health services available. Only 35% of births in the country happen under the supervision of a qualified health worker, contributing to an avoidably high rate of maternal mortality.

Concern Universal will train 25 maternal health volunteers within the Brong Ahafo region. Their job will be to work within their own communities to direct women of childbearing age and their partners towards the free maternal health care and family planning resources available.

Each volunteer will learn about critical maternal health care issues and which services are in place locally. As well as healthy babies, this project will also deliver sustainable improvements in local health services by empowering the community to hold the government to account if they do not provide good quality care.