Jamalpur District and Assam State are two disaster flood-prone, rural areas located in close proximity to each other along the mighty Brahmaputra (Jamuna) River; they are dependent almost entirely on agriculture. Some of the worst poverty in Bangladesh and India is located here.

The investment is focused in supporting both fish and rice farming in the region. The farming techniques are categorized as LEISA practices (Low External Input Sustainable Agriculture); this involves maximizing the use of locally available and environmentally sustainable inputs, based on the insight that smallholder farmers are long-term dependent on favourable ecological conditions for their survival.

The project therefore seeks to fill both a technological and skills gap while at the same time acting as a sharing platform between Bangladeshi and Indian smallholders in the Brahmaputra Valley.

Our 1%’s this month will unlock an incredible £9 (from EU funding) for every £1 we raise. This means our contribution will help improve food security and nutrition for 3,109 farmers and their families.