Funding raised this month is enough to provide school meals to 825 children for an entire year. This will go well towards funding all 3 of the schools we sponsor in Malawi. We provide Meals through Mary’s Meals in partnership with the local communities. Based on our recent enrolment figures we provide school meals to 1,375 children in Malawi, Liberia and Haiti. Once Mary’s Meals are provided in a school there is always a measurable increase in enrolement and attendance. This simple intervention brings better nutrition to the children (all the meals are fortified to reduce malnutrition for the communities) this in turn improves children’s energy levels in the class room improving concentration and exam results. This provides a win win scenario for the schools and its students.

Malawi is one of the poorest countries in the world ranked 167th on the Human Development Index and poverty is worst in rural areas. 53% of Malawian people live below the poverty line with the average person living on less than £1.33/day. Supporting communities by providing schools meals has a profound impact on children and their families. Mary’s Meals now provide meals to over 621,000 children in Malawi every school day and Be One Percent meal sponsorship is part of that growing number.