With our donation of £4,576.43, SCI will be able to reach, treat and protect a staggering 13,867 children and at-risk adults against two of the most deadly neglected tropical diseases.

Schistosomiasis and soil transmitted helminthes are parasitic diseases which can cause severe pain, long-term disability and death, with school age children at especially high risk. Controlling these devastating diseases is vital if we are to end the cycle of poverty from generation to generation. NTDs can prevent adults from working, keep children from learning and can mean the added burden of medical fees on already stretched families.

Every £1 SCI receive now treats 3 people making this one of the most cost-effective health initiatives out there. All medicines are donated by pharmaceutical companies, with SCI working to ensure they are distributed where they are most needed and their impact is monitored.

We’re proud to have partnered with SCI for the past five years, and have now funded treatments for 51,282  people.