Our 193 members donated enough in March to bring clean water to 1,000 people where access to this natural resource is so scarce the situation causes conflict, loss of life, disease and loss of livelihood.

The 22nd March was World Water Day and this year’s theme was ‘Water & Jobs.’ For this reason, we partnered with Concern Universal to build a water storage tank, a network of pipes and two water outlets in a community in the Northwest region of Cameroon. The clean, protected and accessible drinking water our member’s donations have funded will bring opportunity to this community in so many ways.

Our donation will save a whole community from the serious illnesses that can result from having to drink from dirty and polluted streams and wells.

The water will reduce conflict between the ethnic minority cattle herders and the majority population of crop farmers who clash over access to this precious natural resource.

Bringing outlets into the community will give young women and girls back the hours they would usually spend collecting water so they can go to school.

It will result in better crop and livestock yields as well as providing an additional income from the hives and bee-friendly plants which will be arranged around the water source to ensure the area remains unpolluted.