Happy New Year! We welcomed new members over the Christmas break. There are now 200 of us regularly giving our 1% to help end poverty.

Our first project of 2017 will be with our micro-finance partner Deki, so we can help budding entrepreneurs start the year with enough investment to get their businesses off the ground.

Deki empowers people living in poverty to change the course of their lives by providing access to ethical microloans and training. So far we have funded almost 850 loans and have helped launch the businesses of banana retailers, charcoal suppliers, goat herders, chicken farmers, maize sellers, child minders, beer brewers and many, many more. Take that Sir Alan Sugar!


Abu Sauder, a wife and mother of four, is just one of the people who have received a Deki loan funded by Be One Percent members. Her business, selling groundnuts in Northern Ghana, has improved everyday life for her entire family. ‘Before I could not even buy myself any clothing or personal items, feeding the children was always a problem. Now they have regular meals and the older ones are back in school. I have claimed back the respect of my family. My husband even helps with the childcare now.’


Every time a loan is repaid that money goes back into our lending pot so it can assist another entrepreneur make their business idea a reality.  You can keep up-to-date with every single one of our loans on our Deki lending page.