Our final project for 2016 is another new partnership for Be One Percent. We are pleased to be supporting mothers2mothers, an outstanding organisation who work with women in Africa to break the cycle of paediatric AIDS.

The transmission of HIV from mothers to child is preventable. Since its founding in 2001, m2m has become a leader in global efforts to end paediatric AIDS, reaching more than 1.4 million HIV-positive women in nine African countries with its scalable, high-impact peer approach. m2m empowers local mothers living with HIV by employing them as ‘Mentor Mothers’ in understaffed health clinics. Their intimate understanding of the social challenges facing those with HIV makes them uniquely effective in providing support on the illness and other critical health issues.

Our project will focus on Malawi where m2m currently reaches more than a third of all pregnant women living with HIV. Our 1% will help them continue this incredible work. We are fundraising to support 96 Mentor Mothers for a month who will provide services to 392 newly diagnosed HIV positive pregnant or breast feeding mothers. With their ongoing client education and patient support services, these Mentor Mothers pave the way to an HIV-free generation.