This month Be One Percent will be expanding its feeding sponsorship with Mary’s Meals! Because 1%s Membership has grown (and our fundraising is nearly 3 time what it was back in October last year) we will now be looking to expand our support of feeding programs to 2 further schools in the same district. This will be the focus of our fundraising this month.

Gomani Primary School is located in the Chiradzulu District, which is just north-east of Blantyre. At the latest enrolment count our school had 408 children enrolled, out of which there are 229 boys and 179 girls. This is an increase of 48 children compared to 2011. This is a great indicator that providing school meals has impact on attendance. Just £7 will provide a school meal for a child in Malawi for an entire year. Our fundraising this month will help us feed not 1 but 2 more schools in the same district. That means that with as few as 100 1%Members giving proportionaly, between us we will raise enough in July and October to feed 800 Malawian Children for their entire school year.

Read More about Mary’s Meals here: HelpIng Malawian Children to a Brighter Future

The children on Gomani Primary School send a big thanks to you for Being One Percent!

To see a full report on our first school contact us.