We’re fighting dirty water this month for a hard-to-reach community in rural Ethiopia.

November will be the second month of fundraising for our water project with charity: water. In the past ten years the organisation have brought clean water to more than 6.3 million people around the world, and this year we will be helping them in a commitment to reach a million more.


We’ll be fundraising for a hand-dug well which will serve a community of at least 150 people in Tigray, Ethiopia. Although Ethiopia has proven to be
a leader in development, earning top
regional scores on UN Millennium Development Goals, much of the country still remains extremely impoverished. More than 42 million people in Ethiopia still rely on dirty water sources.


Work will start on our project in early 2017. Hand-dug wells are constructed in areas with soft ground matter such as gravel, sand or clay, and the wells typically collect water between 15 – 100 feet below ground. The community will be involved in the process from start to finish instilling a strong sense of ownership over the water point.