We feed 1,451 children every school day.

Working with our long-standing partner Mary’s Meals, we sponsor three schools in Malawi and one in Liberia. By providing a daily meal in a place of education, some of the world’s poorest children are attracted to the classroom where they can gain a basic education that provides an escape route from poverty.


We are proud to have provided 1.5 MILLION meals since our partnership began. We hope you can join us in Liverpool to celebrate this achievement on the 19th October when we screen ‘Generation Hope’ an uplifting new short film from Mary’s Meals. It’s free to attend and we’d love for you to invite friends so we can continue to grow our powerful network. We’re planning a London screening in February, and if you’d like help putting on a film night in your area get in touch.


Our support is more important than ever this year. Malawi is facing a food crisis which has led to the government declaring a state of national emergency. The vitamin-enriched porridge that is served up by Mary’s Meals community volunteers is a lifeline to many families.

Rachel Chisambi is a mother and volunteer cook at Kalopa Primary School, Mzimba, Northern Malawi. “Most families do not have food in the homes hence we do not give breakfast to our children and the porridge helps them to be attentive in school. We are happy and thank the donors for the porridge they are giving our children because when children eat porridge at school they do not demand for more food at home. Our children are active in school because of the porridge and we thank the donors for the great support they are rendering to us.”