We’re a young charity that have built our fundraising on a small idea. Giving 1% to support the worlds poorest communities.

Altruism, charity, income re-distribution. There are lots of ways you can think about the charity model. But the purpose of charity is simple, we exist to help people. We give proportionally so those that can afford more give more. This maximises the fundraising mechanism.

Since we started, with just 8 people giving 1%, we have grown to a group of 193 and between us we’ve raised over £260,000 for poverty alleviation initiatives.

Be One Percent run a 100% model. Every penny donated by our members goes to specific projects and purposes every month. Each month a report is sent out outlining how much we have raised as a network and how the money has been used. With the support of some incredible business partners (who fund our office costs) we guarantee that member donations go to fighting poverty.

I can’t easily express how proud I am of our collective achievements. In lots of small ways we’ve funded a wide range of initiatives. We’ve worked with incredible partners on huge scales, often offering simple and innovative mechanisms for the alleviation of poverty in poor communities.

In many cases these gifts are tiny, but have worked to help thousands upon thousands of people. Like thousands of small acts of kindness.

To list some of these collective gifts, we have improved sanitation for 11,700 people, we’ve planted 13,000 trees for rural communities, we’ve funded malaria nets that will protect over 27,000 people.

Since we started we have funded 1.5 million school meals for children in Malawi, Liberia and Haiti. We’ve trained nurses and community health workers improving health for thousands and we’ve funded 45,000 medical treatments. We’ve set up 18 savings and loans co-operatives and provided £70,000 in micro-loans to small businesses that cant access banking services. (the list goes on. See a full summary of all projects here.)

This has all been achieved by working with the most efficient and effective organisations we can find.

How many 1% Donors? Just 193.

I think that’s the most surprising number of all, that we have funded so many wonderful projects from such a small collection of individuals.

Of course in global terms our gift is small, but what could be achieved if everyone gave 1%? What could happen if you gave 1%?

Be One Percent is the most important thing I have ever been part of. All of our members want to be part of life changing and life saving activities. Could you give 1% for the poorest? If the answer is yes please join us. The next 5 years is going to be incredible.

Steve Pilgrim,
Be One Percent Co-Founder