… you could change the world with just 1% of your income? We believe that if enough of us get together and donate each month, we can do just that.

In 2017 218 people raised £60K and changed the lives of 10,000’s of people. In 2018 we want to go even further as continue to work towards ending global poverty.

We start the year with a brand new charity partner. The Imagine If Trust are based in Liverpool and head up a range of community projects that aim to relieve poverty, promote education and strengthen families. They do lots of amazing work within the UK, but we’re partnering with them on their one international project. The ‘Love Congo’ initiative provides practical and financial support to Internally Displaced People (IDP’s) in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Violence in the DRC has displaced over 3 million people and many of these are now living in extreme poverty. An estimated 4,000 IDP’s have fled to Kasindi, an urbanisation of around 50,000 people, close to the Ugandan border where there is only one small hospital attempting to meet their needs.

Imagine If are building a new healthcare centre which will become a community hub for the thousands of IDP’s who have fled to the area. Our 1% for January will pay for a solar panel system, which will provide clean, green energy to the centre for years to come.

It’s estimated that the new health care centre will improve the lives of 15,000 people in the first three years. On site nurses will carry out routine vaccinations for children, provide multivitamins and distribute worming tablets. Women and girls will be offered family planning and sexual health services. A general appointment will cost $2 and a delivery $5, half the price of the government hospital. The centre will contain specialist equipment, a theatre and two wards, employing around 10 staff.

Each month we’ll partner with a different charity working to eliminate poverty and improve people’s lives proving that 1% really can change the world.