Donated 580 Study Books to a Community Library

Dec 2012
In Kyela, Tanzania, The Mango Tree Community Library is a rurally-based education centre stocked with academic and recreational books. The library serves people living in the local area, otherwise deprived of any access to additional or even required learning resources. The library is used mainly by students wanting to supplement their school lessons and gain access to syllabus books which are scarce in their schools. Students range from nursery to university students, all accessing their various resources available in the library. The library staff also run a reference section and are available to help students in sourcing materials and making recommendations for reading materials. Our 1% Donation this month will buy books, which are in high demand in the library. These include syllabus books for secondary students and tertiary education resources; vocational training books and higher learning materials. Increasing the stock will provide sufficient numbers of the necessary books and encourage more students and the community at large to visit the library. The Mango Tree aim to provide effective and sustainable programmes in African communities that improve the well-being of orphans and vulnerable children and nurture them to become self-reliant adults. The Mango Tree now supports over 13,000 children in Kenya and Tanzania. Recently a featured charity for a Radio 4 Charity appeal they have the lowest running/fundraising costs of all our partner charities with a charitable spend of 99%. This month our giving network raised enough for 580 study books for this library.

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