Supplying clean water & safe toilets to a community of 250 in Togo

Mar 2018

Self Help Africa

Charity Partner
Our March 1% will bring clean water and somewhere safe to go to the toilet for a community of 250 people in Togo. Self Help Africa has been working to end hunger and poverty in rural Africa for 30 years. Their current programme focuses on the Naki region in Togo where only a quarter of people have access to safe water and sanitation. Natural water sources are scarce and often shared by people and animals resulting in dirty, undrinkable water. A lack of loos adds to these unsanitary conditions. With our funding, Self Help Africa will restore a borehole which has fallen into disrepair and build 20 latrines, passing on the skills for their on-going maintenance to the community so they can keep benefiting from them for years to come.

Self Help Africa helps people in rural Africa grow enough food to feed themselves, earn a living, and access basic services. Self Help Africa equips people with the skills they need to move out of poverty by training farmers in new techniques and teaching basic business skills. Be One Percent via Self Help Africa have supported tree nurseries, planting over 8000 trees and set up Microfinance initiatives providing 12,000 women in Uganda with savings and small business loan facilities.

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