Funded the distribution of 1,620 solar lamps!

Sep 2015
_SBE1616_web Its a simple intervention. But a simple solar lamp can save families money, reducing reliance on more traditional and harmful kerosene lamps. The benefits are multifaceted. Solar lamps can increase study hours for children, improve health by reducing harmful fumes in the home and can save families a significant amount of household expenditure. Our gift to SolarAid subsidises the manufacture and distribution of these lamps making them available and affordable for poorer rural communities. Nine out of ten endusers live below the poverty line of $1.25 per day. The proportion of income they spend on lighting is significant through traditional methods and so having access to a solar light is life-changing.  An average solar light user will recoup the cost of their solar light in 10 weeks. After this, a family saves $70 a year - around 10% of their entire income. Solar light users tell us they spend their savings on food, school costs, and investment in livelihoods - starting a virtuous cycle of development and progress. Our 1%Gift this month will fund the distribution of 1,620 lamps. 1,620 lamps will benefit 10,055 people. These lamps alone can help provide 1.9Million extra hours of study for children and collectively save families £206,000 as a much more cost effective light source. We are part of Africa's Solar Revolution! Watch this short film here Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 18.45.52  

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