Our March 1% will bring clean water and somewhere safe to go to the loo to 250 people in rural Africa.

We’re working with Self Help Africa on their programme in Naki in Togo, helping to provide safe water and sanitation to the 74% of people who currently live without. Natural water sources are scarce in the region and often shared by people and animals resulting in dirty, undrinkable water. A lack of loos adds to these unsanitary conditions.

Women and girls are hit the worst. They miss out on education and employment opportunities as they spend their days collecting water. Water, which is often undrinkable and known to cause sickness and even death.

Evidence shows that more food does not necessarily result in better nutrition. The World Health Organisation estimates that 50% of under-nutrition is associated with infections due to dirty water and bad sanitation. Repeated infections affect how nutrients are absorbed and used within the body and poor nutrition status further increases susceptibility to disease, creating a vicious cycle.

With our funding, Self Help Africa will restore a borehole which has fallen into disrepair and build 20 latrines giving the community back valuable time and improving their health. While work is going on, Self Help Africa will be passing on the skills for their on-going maintenance to the community so they can keep benefiting from them for years to come.