Malawi is one of the world’s poorest nations and its children face multiple challenges. Over 7 million Malawians do not have reliable access to safe water, Diarrhoea is the second biggest killer of kids under-five and stunting is common.

Pump Aid, our July partner, gives young children in Malawi a chance to fulfill their potential by providing access to water and sanitation, improved nutrition and hygiene behaviour education. Children who are healthy, well fed and practice good hygiene are more likely to attend pre-school and thrive when they get there.

Our July 1% will provide a pre-school in the Mchinji District in Malawi with clean water and toilets for the first time. We’ll be funding a water pump for 100 students and helping them understand the importance of improving their hygiene behaviour such as hand washing before meals. 700 adults in the community will also be invited to go back to the classroom to learn about sanitation and hygiene, which will help reinforce behaviours and improve ownership and sustainability for the new facilities.

This is part of a programme which includes 25 schools, helping Pump Aid achieve lasting, positive change in the country.