Listed here are the basic requirements for grant application to The Be One Percent Foundation

The Be One Percent Foundation provides grants to UK registered NGOs working to alleviate poverty internationally. For a grant proposal to be considered the charity must adhere to these basic requirements.

If your charity meets these basic requirements please contact [email protected] for further enquiry regarding application.

To be considered your charity must;

  • Be a registered charity; with The Charity Commission in England and Wales or The OSCR in Scotland
  • Have been registered as a charity for a minimum of 2 years or have been an active charity for 3 years or more.
  • Working to alleviate poverty within some of the worlds poorest countries and communities
  • Have a charitable spend of 90% or more or use 100% of public donations for charitable activities.
  • Have a maximum yearly income of £10,000,000
  • Be able to ring-fence grant funding for a specific outcome/purpose
  • Be able to ring-fence a grant amount set by the Be One Percent Foundation for a specific outcome or for a specific purpose within a larger project or practice

To be considered, your charity must provide;

  • A completed grant application form
  • A 1 or 2 page document (300-600 words) summarising the proposal and wider context of the projects purpose, location and scale (this should detail how the grant will be spent. For most successful grants this generally quantifies a particular and specific resource/activity/training.)
  • 2-5 high quality images (for each grant application) representing this work, or illustrating similar work completed by your charitable activities.
  • Summarise how this work will change/impact on lives in a single sentence.
  • Quantify the estimated number of people directly impacted on by the proposed activity over the following 12-18 month period.