The Big Give

Be One Percent have been selected to take part in the Big Give Christmas Challenge 2022, a colossal match funding campaign running for one week from November 29th.

We are thrilled to have been invited. Our small group of like-minded people already have a huge impact in improving the health, well-being and livelihoods of some of the world’s poorest communities. With this opportunity we can go twice as far.

Our aim is to raise £5,000 to be spread across all of 2023’s life-changing projects.

If you were planning a charity donation this festive season or are in the position to give a one-off sum to help the world’s poorest people, now is the time. The first £2,500 raised through our portal will be doubled meaning twice as many school meals, malaria nets, glasses of clean water, vaccinations, small business support, scholarships, glasses… the list goes on….

Find out more and support Be One Percent here.

Thank you!

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Freelance Project Coordinator Role

Job Description


About Be One Percent

Our mission is to help those living in extreme poverty through one simple idea: people give 1% of their income to the world’s poorest communities.

Be One Percent members donate through standing order or recurring online payment and we partner that money with a different development charity every month. The Board of Trustees is responsible for finding the most efficient charities working in their field and only funding projects which have a life-changing impact.

Business donors cover our running costs so 100% of individuals’ donations can go to projects on the ground.


In Stats

Since 2011 we have raised over £719,000 funding more than 139 projects benefitting 100,000’s of people in the world’s poorest communities.

You can see every one of our life-changing projects here.


 Personal Specification

We are looking for a self-starting individual to act as a Project Coordinator. Your role will be to manage the day-to-day running of the charity with support from the board of trustees. You’ll be overseeing our member communications, maintaining our records and updating our charity partners on the progress of their grants.

We’d also like the person appointed to continue to develop original content and suggest creative ways to attract more members and promote the charity, across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Applicants need not have direct experience within the third sector but should be able to demonstrate a passion for our work and an ability to do the tasks below.


Roles & Responsibilities


  • Monitor our monthly bank statements and send out sign-up prompts to missing members using mailchimp template
  • Maintain our excel member database adding new sign ups

 Content & Comms

  • Edit and send our monthly mailer through mailchimp
  • Write a blog post in wordpress to accompany each monthly project
  • Update new charity partners in wordpress ensuring content is up to date and relevant
  • Publish an online progress report for each completed monthly project
  • Create Facebook, Instagram and Twitter posts on monthly projects, member activity and partner updates
  • Create regular posts/reels using online tools such as Canva to Social Media in-line with the monthly chosen charity partner and relevant charity awareness days
  • Share relevant content on stories from other charities to highlight their work
  • Reply to questions through SM and from

Charity Partnerships

  • Check in with confirmed 2022 partners ahead of monthly launch to confirm all campaign details
  • Inform our partners of how much was raised and encourage them to post links to our updates on their social media
  • Respond to grant applications and questions from potential new partners
  • Manage applications from charity partners and present the chosen charities to the board in September for 2023 funding.
  • Complete the charity partnership calendar 2023 by the end of 2022


  • Collate agenda for board meetings and take and distribute minutes as well as leading the meeting
  • Support the progression and direction of the charity
  • Continue with the Big Give charity application for Christmas funding 2022 working with a chosen board member
  • Undertake any other reasonable duties as may be required


  • Be available to assist with information for budgeting and accounts
  • Maintain excel record of all projects completed
  • Claiming Gift Aid from HMRC at the end of the financial year
  • Be a point of contact for Stewardship.


  • Location: WFH apart from 1 board meeting a year which is in-person
  • Working Hours: Flexible roughly 16 hours/ month
  • Contract Type: Freelance contract
  • Handover: August 2022
  • Start Date: August 2022
  • Day Rate: £180


 How to apply

Please confirm your application by submitting your CV along with a paragraph to detailing:

  • What excites you about the work we fund
  • Your relevant previous experience
  • How you would continue to drive our social media presence
  • What you would bring to our organisation

Closing date for applications is Friday 29th July with interviews taking place the first week of August.






Trustee Role

Be One Percent Trustee Role

Job Description

About Be One Percent

Our mission is to help those living in extreme poverty through one simple idea: people give 1% of their income to the world’s poorest communities.

Be One Percent members donate 1% of their income each month through a standing order or recurring online payment and we partner that money with a charity on an agreed project to help eradicate and reduce extreme poverty.

Businesses fund our running costs so 100% of individuals’ donations can go to projects on the ground.

The Board of Trustees is responsible for deciding who receives a Be One Percent grant. We pride ourselves on finding the most efficient charities working in their field and partnering with them on projects which have a life-changing impact.

In Stats

Since 2011 we have raised over £813,000 funding more than 125 projects benefitting around 550,000 people in the world’s poorest communities.

You can see every one of our life-changing projects here

Strategy for 2021 onwards

The Trustees are continually exploring new projects that fit our criteria for support. Over the coming twelve months we are looking to expand the variety of projects we are supporting, with a particular eye on the projects being able to be self-sufficient and ecologically sustainable. The Trustees are also actively looking to engage in projects on continents that we have had less involvement with in the past – for example Asia and South America.

We’ve grown slowly and steadily since 2011. We are proud of our small community of like-minded people and plan to continue to support them in their giving as well as looking to seek growth through online channels, word of mouth as well as a comprehensive in person and online events programme.


Data for financial year ending 31 March 2021 and before is available to view on the Charity Commission website.

Background of the board

Be One Percent is governed by a board of trustees who are responsible for all governance matters within the organisation. The Board’s key focus is on the statutory and strategic issues for Be One Percent including deciding where the monthly grant should be partnered.

Personal Specification

We are looking for new board members to add a fresh perspective to what we do.

We are particularly keen to receive applications from:

  • Young people 18-25 who have an interest and passion for overseas development
  • Individuals with significant corporate experience
  • Individuals who have significant experience of working in overseas development

Applicants need not have direct experience within the third sector but should be able to demonstrate a passion for our work.

Successful applicants will be expected to:

  • Act collectively as part of the Board, participating and encouraging healthy debate
  • Undertake a duty of care in acting reasonably and prudently in all Board matters
  • Be available in person or by Zoom to attend board meetings in central Liverpool three to four times in 12 months


The position is unpaid, although Be One Percent will reimburse travel costs up to £100 per board meeting and other direct expenses incurred.

How to apply

Please confirm your application by submitting a paragraph to detailing:

  • Why you would like to become a board member
  • Your relevant previous experience
  • What you would bring to our organisation


Closing date for applications: 31st October 2021

Skype interview with Board of Trustees: November

Appointment communicated: December

First board meeting: 17th January 2022 630-8pm

In conversation with Magnus MacFarlane-Barrow

Did you miss out on our very first ‘in conversation with’ event?

Magnus MacFarlane-Barrow joined us over Zoom to discuss his pathway to Mary’s Meals, a charity which feeds 1.6 million of the world’s poorest children in schools around the world every day, as well as global hunger with food security expert and Be One Percent chair Professor Bob Doherty.  

You can watch the full fascinating discussion below.

Help end poverty when you shop

We know you are sick of ‘Black Friday’ and ‘Cyber Monday’, but we couldn’t miss the opportunity to remind you that by shopping through easyfundraising you can be earning money for Be One Percent projects at no extra cost to you.

There’s no catch, simply sign up for free and we’ll receive a donation every time you shop at one of the 3,000 registered sites, including Amazon, thetrainline, John Lewis and Sainsbury’s!

1. Head to and join for free.
2. Every time you shop online, go to easyfundraising first to find the site you want and start shopping.
3. After you’ve checked out, that retailer will make a donation to us for no extra cost whatsoever!

Give it a go and we promise you’ll be hooked. Every single penny we receive will go towards helping the world’s poorest people.

Our Covid-19 Update

The uncertainty of the past six months has affected us all in different ways. We noticed a slight drop in donations from August, so have made the decision to top-up any grants which fall below £6,500 with funds accrued from our businesses sponsors. We’re tightening our belt even further for the rest of the financial year so the people in the world’s poorest communities who we work with don’t have to.

We’re also being flexible with our calendar, working with our partners to adapt any projects which may need to be changed due to the pandemic.

We remind our members that they can adjust their donation at any time by contacting us if they find their circumstances have changed.

Google welcomes Be One Percent

It’s not every day that Google invites you to its worldwide headquarters, so when Be One Percent were asked to be part of Google Serve month we gratefully accepted. Every June, Googlers (Google employees) all around the globe are encouraged to spend some of their working hours away from their desks, volunteering with charities.

We used the opportunity to pick the brains of Google’s employees and engage them in helping us promote our giving revolution. In five days working across Googleplex, San Francisco and Mountain View campuses we spoke with hundreds of Googlers and benefitted from their time, ideas and skills. We also set up a mindful craftivism activity to give them a moment to relax while learning about what we do. Many Googlers asked about the kinds of people our work is helping, how we know our partner charities are effective, and introduced us to some closer colleagues in London and Dublin to expand our growing network.

One of the Vice Presidents agreed to meet and shared some of her ideas; she also donated to Be One Percent after discovering the impact of our projects and encouraged her colleagues to do the same!

It was a pleasure to be invited and an exciting week’s start to our relationship with Google. We’ve had the chance to connect with some passionate and talented people who have volunteered to keep working with us to help us change and save even more lives. Google are committed to giving Be One Percent $10 for every hour a Googler spends working with us – even more malaria nets, clean water, education, opticians and mirco-loans (to name just a few)!

Thanks, Googlers! We’re delighted to be working with you.

Why Mata Matters

The Man United and Spanish footballer, Juan Mata, has pledged 1% to social projects, with the ultimate goal that 1% of everything football generates could go to a central fund to change tens of thousands of lives.

This idea is not new to us here at Be One Percent, because we’ve being doing exactly that for over 5 years now!

Mata’s ambition is not only exciting and potentially transformational for thousands, but it highlights the power of collective giving. As a small network of 211 regular givers we’ve now given over £350,000 to poverty alleviation projects. Imagine what could be raised and achieved if 211 footballers did the same!

At 1%HQ we’ve been joking that he stole our idea! But actually it just reinforces the desire for people from all walks of life to try and find a way to bring change for those who need it.

Criticism to Mata has come from a number of sides; don’t these sports personalities already give to charities? Yes many do, but we know that giving proportionally is efficient and effective. How many will be giving as much as 1%?

The fact is that often the richest in society give the least to charity, and some have argued that 1% is too little for someone of such high net earnings. But similarly to Be One Percent, this can be a fantastic starting point for many and it can be one of many things people give to. 1% to fight poverty is something that many people can adopt (you don’t need to be a footballer or multi-millionaire) and it doesn’t have to be the only thing you give to.

We wish Juan the very best of luck in his endeavours to encourage giving in others, and we will continue to do the same one person and 1% at a time. The impact we make is phenomenal and can be deeply important for the people our donations help.

Join Juan, and us, in a giving revolution.

Team Be One Percent.

You don’t need to be a footballer to give 1% of your income to fight poverty. To Be One Percent is easy. We fundraise for our running costs separately so every penny of your 1% goes to projects. Each month our collective 1%Pot goes to a specific grant and cause and we send our Members an email explaining what their 1% has achieved. The impact is incredible. Join us!

Read more about Juan’s 1% story here