Google welcomes Be One Percent

Jun 28, 2018

It’s not every day that Google invites you to its worldwide headquarters, so when Be One Percent were asked to be part of Google Serve month we gratefully accepted. Every June, Googlers (Google employees) all around the globe are encouraged to spend some of their working hours away from their desks, volunteering with charities.

We used the opportunity to pick the brains of Google’s employees and engage them in helping us promote our giving revolution. In five days working across Googleplex, San Francisco and Mountain View campuses we spoke with hundreds of Googlers and benefitted from their time, ideas and skills. We also set up a mindful craftivism activity to give them a moment to relax while learning about what we do. Many Googlers asked about the kinds of people our work is helping, how we know our partner charities are effective, and introduced us to some closer colleagues in London and Dublin to expand our growing network.

One of the Vice Presidents agreed to meet and shared some of her ideas; she also donated to Be One Percent after discovering the impact of our projects and encouraged her colleagues to do the same!

It was a pleasure to be invited and an exciting week’s start to our relationship with Google. We’ve had the chance to connect with some passionate and talented people who have volunteered to keep working with us to help us change and save even more lives. Google are committed to giving Be One Percent $10 for every hour a Googler spends working with us – even more malaria nets, clean water, education, opticians and mirco-loans (to name just a few)!

Thanks, Googlers! We’re delighted to be working with you.

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