Why Mata Matters

Aug 07, 2017

The Man United and Spanish footballer, Juan Mata, has pledged 1% to social projects, with the ultimate goal that 1% of everything football generates could go to a central fund to change tens of thousands of lives.

This idea is not new to us here at Be One Percent, because we’ve being doing exactly that for over 5 years now!

Mata’s ambition is not only exciting and potentially transformational for thousands, but it highlights the power of collective giving. As a small network of 211 regular givers we’ve now given over £350,000 to poverty alleviation projects. Imagine what could be raised and achieved if 211 footballers did the same!

At 1%HQ we’ve been joking that he stole our idea! But actually it just reinforces the desire for people from all walks of life to try and find a way to bring change for those who need it.

Criticism to Mata has come from a number of sides; don’t these sports personalities already give to charities? Yes many do, but we know that giving proportionally is efficient and effective. How many will be giving as much as 1%?

The fact is that often the richest in society give the least to charity, and some have argued that 1% is too little for someone of such high net earnings. But similarly to Be One Percent, this can be a fantastic starting point for many and it can be one of many things people give to. 1% to fight poverty is something that many people can adopt (you don’t need to be a footballer or multi-millionaire) and it doesn’t have to be the only thing you give to.

We wish Juan the very best of luck in his endeavours to encourage giving in others, and we will continue to do the same one person and 1% at a time. The impact we make is phenomenal and can be deeply important for the people our donations help.

Join Juan, and us, in a giving revolution.

Team Be One Percent.

You don’t need to be a footballer to give 1% of your income to fight poverty. To Be One Percent is easy. We fundraise for our running costs separately so every penny of your 1% goes to projects. Each month our collective 1%Pot goes to a specific grant and cause and we send our Members an email explaining what their 1% has achieved. The impact is incredible. Join us!

Read more about Juan’s 1% story here

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