mothers2mothers trains and employs local HIV-positive women as frontline healthcare workers providing education and peer support on HIV and critical health issues. These ‘Mentor Mothers’, who might otherwise be marginalised, become empowered economically and valued socially.  Having an intimate understanding of the challenges of living with HIV makes them uniquely qualified and highly effective. The Mentor Mother Model has virtually eliminated mother-to-child transmission of HIV amongst their clients and created significant savings through averted HIV treatment costs.

Our December fundraising will help take the amazing services m2m provides outside of the clinic.  Our aim is to buy 20 bicycles in rural Malawi to reach families who live too far away, or are too frightened or ill to travel to the nearest health centre for medical care. With a bicycle, Mentor Mothers can visit them at their homes to make sure they get the health advice and medication they need, are linked to the right clinical services and are supported throughout their treatment.