Our newest charity partner show us how innovative engineering and a simple supply chain can produce a self-sustaining social business concept. One Dollar Glasses are committed to help end poverty by getting prescription glasses to some of the 150 million people who need them worldwide.

The brainchild of ex teacher Martin Aufmuth from Erlangen in Germany, ODG glasses are an example of German engineering at it’s very best. Attractive and virtually indestructible, each pair can be made to spec within a matter of minutes. The materials needed cost less than $1 and the ‘factory’ fits into 30cm cube.

A steel wire frame is manually bent into shape with prefabricated lenses clipped in to suit the patient’s prescription. The entire operation is completely transportable so ODG are able to operate in rural areas where obtaining a pair of prescription lenses is usually expensive and out of reach.

Our 1% for August will help deliver the ODG vision to the community of Phalombe in Southern Malawi. We’ll be funding a Good Vision Store, a rural opticians which will offer eye tests and the opportunity to buy a reasonably prices pair of glasses to anyone who needs them. All profit will be channeled back into the organisation so they can continue to improving income and education opportunities for those who rely on glasses.

As with all our campaigns, we’ll be sharing updates as this project continues. So check back to see where your 1% is going and if you haven’t signed up to join our giving revolution, now is the time!