In January 2019, the Badja Savings Group was created to help women in the community become fully sustainable. £2,058 from our members is going to be invested in this group of enterprising women and we’re looking forward to seeing the effect it has on their livelihoods.

Badja is a small village about an hour north of Lomé, the capital city in south Togo. Word of mouth about other local village savings groups bought these 13 women, who were excluded from traditional financial services, together.

They wanted to benefit from the mutual support they can get from other members of the group
and hoped that they would be able to improve their business profits, bringing a better quality of life to their families and the wider community.

One of the key aspects of being in a savings group and working with IADES, Deki’s in-country partner, is the technical and social training that comes with it. The training is designed to ensure that the whole community can maximise their chances of success.

Our donation will be converted to loans and passed to the group members shortly, they can then start investing it in their businesses. In the meanwhile, they are attending important training sessions and community development workshops, to ensure that they can make the most of their loans. These sessions included business planning, working with credit, basic finance and accounts. We’ll let you know as soon as the money is disbursed and keep you updated on their progress through training and multiple loan cycles.