Terms And Conditions

Be One Percent is a network of individuals who commit to giving 1% of their income to help the world’s poorest people. You can join our network by giving monthly or through a one-off donation.

By signing up to give monthly you agree for us to partner your donation with the most efficient and effective development charities we can find each month. Our monthly update emails communicate how much has been donated, who we have partnered with, the programme we are sponsoring and the anticipated outcome from that project.

One-off donations will be split across 12 months of campaigns. You will receive our monthly update emails throughout this period as well as an invitation to donate again towards the end of the term.

100% of our member donations will be given to charity partners. All other costs as well as any processing fees we incur are paid for with separate funds.

If you sponsor someone to attempt any activity in support of Be One Percent, your sponsorship is not conditional on the activity being completed.

Please note that any donation or sponsorship payment is non-refundable.