Concern Universal, our long-standing charity partners, have changed their name. They’ll now be known as United Purpose. The new name reflects the organisation’s commitment to giving families around the world opportunities to end the poverty they live in, by providing solutions that last.

We’ll be working together this March on a project which will introduce bee keeping to two communities in Northwest Cameroon helping them UP out of poverty and at the same time protecting land and resolving conflict. In Nkowe and Mbonso access to increasingly scarce natural resources has resulted in clashes between the ethnic minority cattle herders and majority population subsistence crop farmers. This project aims to resolve that by placing beehives around water sources giving communities a vested and shared interest in ensuring the land remains protected.

Our 1% will cover the bee keeping equipment (hives, smokers and protective suits), plant bee-friendly greenery and erect fencing. It will also fund training for both the crop and cattle-grazing farmers, aiming to improve dialogue between the two groups AND increase local income through the sale of honey and wax.