This November we are partnering with charity: water to bring clean water to 300 people in Ethiopia. In 2016 we funded a water project for a village in the Northern region and this year our 1% will pay for another two.

Two communities in Tigray will receive a Rehabilitated drilled well, reaching deep into the ground to provide clean and safe water for the very first time.

Rehabilitated drilled wells are created using drilling rigs that are able to reach deeper water sources by digging into rock and sediment. A bore hole is drilled, and the well walls are flushed with water and disinfectant. Drilled wells have a lot of moving parts, but the main components are pictured in the diagram. The pumprod gathers water into the wells, the rising pipe and rising main is where water travels upwards via the pressure of the pump, and the Afridev pump is the driving force that brings the water to ground level then to the spout for communities to access.

Clean water is a catalyst for improvements to nutition, gender equality, education and economy. We’ll keep you updated on the progress of all three wells as well as GPS coordinates when they are complete.