This coming thursday there is a very special Paul Weller Gig happening in my home town of Liverpool. It’s a special gig for me because it’s where two of my worlds meet. In aid of Be One Percent Foundation the money raised will be used for projects fighting poverty for some of the worlds poorest communities.

I started playing drums for Paul over six years ago now. Just over 3 years ago myself and co-founder Matt Johnson started turning Be One Percent into a reality. Both of the journeys on the road with Paul and doing everything to build the charity back in Liverpool have been a roller-coaster.

Building a charity in a recession (and with growing inequality within the UK) has been a lot more of a challenge than I would have anticipated! That said we have done a phenomenal amount with a small number of people committing to giving 1% each month, the impact is impressive.

Watch this short film to see the things our members have helped happen since we started….

The show on Thurs at Liverpools EVAC is more than sold out ! (apologies to all who couldn’t get tickets) I’m so pleased that Paul has set the show up for us and made it part of the tour, its a massive vote of confidence and will hopefully help raise awareness about what we do. The gigs this year I feel have have been some of our very best, this club gig, like the ones in London recently should be very special indeed.

It’s estimated that the gig will raise over £15,000 for projects and will help fight poverty for some of the worlds poorest.

Paul has been a member and keen supporter of 1% since it’s early beginnings. I hope that as many people who come to the gig on thurs would consider joining us in giving 1% for a few months and see what they think.

Be One Percent – Steve Pilgrim

Photo – Mark McNulty