Our goal this March is to bring clean water to 1,000 people… and in doing so do so much more.

To observe World Water Day, we are partnering with Concern Universal to deliver clean, safe water to a community in the Northwest region of Cameroon.

We’ll be using 100% of our member’s donations to build a protected water storage tank, a network of pipes and two water outlets. In doing so we will be saving a community from the serious illnesses that can result from having to drink from dirty and polluted streams and wells.

We’ll be reducing conflict in an area where access to these scarce natural resources has resulted in serious clashes between ethnic minority cattle herders and majority population of crop farmers.

We’ll be giving the community’s young women and girls back the hours they would usually spend collecting water so they can go to school.

We’ll be helping to create more sustainable livelihoods 
through better crop and livestock yields.

And, to ensure that the water source remains protected, we will also be creating the opportunity for farmers to generate alternative income from the fenced-off land with bee-keeping training, equipment and bee-friendly plants.

Join us this month and donate just 1% of your income. The more members we have making a small commitment, the greater the change we can achieve.