Our June pot will go to our established partners SCI so they can continue to treat children and at-risk adults from two of the most deadly neglected tropical diseases. Schistosomiasis and intestinal worms can cause severe pain, long-term disability and death, with school-age children at particular risk. Controlling these devastating diseases is vital if we are to end extreme poverty.

We’re proud to have partnered with SCI for the past five years, and have now funded treatments for 51,282 vulnerable people. SCI currently works in 17 sub Saharan African countries and Yemen to ensure over 35 million treatments for schistosomiasis get to where they are needed every year.

Their award winning programme involves mapping, treatment distribution, project assessment and re-assessment to ensure outstanding efficiency. They overcome severe weather, conflict, migration, food and power shortages to ensure 76% of people targeted for treatment get treated with equal access to all, regardless of gender or wealth status.