About Be One Percent

We are a collective of individuals who give 1% of their income each month to help the worlds poorest people.

  • Your 1% used to fight poverty every month
  • Different projects with updates each month
  • 100% of Member donations to projects
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Our Progress So Far

  • 189 Be One Percent Members

  • 37 Projects Funded

  • 11 Countries

  • £129,547.46 Total Given

Last Member Signed Up...

The more members we have, the more Be One Percent grows and grows which means we can do bigger, more amazing things each month to help eradicate poverty

  • Ashley Pascal
  • Chris Hovell
  • Tom Powell
  • Phil Jordan
  • Thomas McConnell
  • Paul O'Callaghan
  • Pete Kendrick
  • Lynne Whitty
  • Brian Grubbs
  • Robert McCulloch
  • Paul Sade Drummer Cooke
  • Colin Clarke
  • Luise Badcrumble Watson
  • Frances Day
  • Cassie Gerrie
  • Daniel Loughlin
  • Lydia Redican
  • Jennifer Rogers
  • Alan Charles Ordinary
  • Nigel Thompson
  • Peter Gondwe
  • Beth Crisp
  • Mark McDougall
  • Paulo Rodrigues Robozinho
  • Jess Trigg
  • Ian Colligan
  • Paul Fitzgerald
  • Fernanda Braço Forte
  • Jim Bullock
  • Emily Karatay
  • MC Gambia
  • Antonia May
  • Julie Mcnicholas
  • Miles Hobbs

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Be One Percent Foundation is a Registered Charity in England & Wales (No. 1147505)

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